Our vision


South Dunedin people experience improved communication and information flow about issues that concern them

How we are doing this: Hui, Community Conversations, Information via Lowdown, Facebook, Webpage, at our community rooms, notice boards, Membership communications (email), finding new ways to connect to everyone in South Dunedin in their styles.


South Dunedin people and communities are better connected.

How we are doing this: Hui, Community Conversations, working on ways that connect the community both into the network and each other, supporting connective ideas from the community, connecting people who could help each other,


South Dunedin voices are captured and represented in decision maker and stakeholder conversations

How we are doing this: South Dunedin stakeholders network (all welcome), maintaining ongoing conversation with DCC, ORC and central Government around water, sharing information and learnings widely with the community, supporting community led advocacy for transport that is accessible, safe and fit for purpose, ensuring community involvement around the new South Dunedin Library and Community Hub, support the community in raising their own voice in engagement with decision-makers – consultation period support, host workshops, ensure consultation documents are accessible and understandable for the community.


Individuals and communities participate in South Dunedin celebrations – Street Festival, Teddy Bears Hospital, and more

How we are doing this: helping with the South Dunedin Street Festival, working with members of the community to make events happen, not forgetting the Teddy Bear Hospital!